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My Definition of Hope and Faith

I am a firm believer in our own ability to heal. I liken much of personality psychology to the biological body. Our bodies know how to heal a wound for instance, our bodies know how to fix the damage wreaked by a virus or a bacterium and so forth. And that simply takes time and energy. Only you can make the time, but I am hoping to spark some insight with this piece.

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Seeking Change for a Happier and More Fulfilling Life

Okay, so I am going to push a bit. Really don't mind me, I am just play acting the role of a smart person. If you are not in need of any tweaks to your inner self or outer being, then move along, this is not for you. But for many among us, you say you want to change, that you want things in your life to change...that you want to feel better about yourself and your life.

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Childhood Security and Strong Adult Figures

I have taught college level psychology classes for more than a dozen years and have tried to stress the importance of how security in childhood depends on how strong the adult figures are in our lives. When we can do that, we are freed up to explore and to play, to learn and to grow. This analogy of an ocean buoys can apply to many areas of our emotional lives, you read it and decide how it relates for you.

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Sadness Serves a Purpose

An interesting paradox is that our most useful emotion is also our most painful and it is sadness. Like no other emotion, we can learn a great deal from feeling sad or blue, it arises because we are facing a difficulty, whether it be a loss (grief) or a failure of some kind. When viewed as temporary and as a positive byproduct of our long human history, we can overcome sadness in a quick and positive fashion.

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Personality Psychology: Never give up!

What you are struggling with defines you at any moment. Have you ever struggled to stay engaged in an activity that is really hard, that you cannot get the first time, that perhaps is too scary to even attempt? Have you ever had to make a big change in your life, say losing weight or quitting smoking? Most of us have at some point or another.

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Personality Psychology: Strengthening Your 'Inner Self'

Each of us has a desire to understand who we are as individuals and many of us hope to strengthen our inner selves as we age. In this analogy, three childhood objects can be used to represent our inner selves and outer beings: bubbles, bouncy balls and baseballs. Every area of our life whether that be school, work, exercise, family and friendships are impacted by who we are on the inside and how we represent ourselves on the outside.

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Positive Psychology: 7 Ways to Happy Days!

Here are a few ideas about what you can do every day to help improve your mood and thinking states...and by doing those two things you will have more energy to stay engaged throughout the day and come to feel happier and healthier over time.

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