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Positive Psychology: Reframing Can Transform Your Life

"Talking to yourself" has gotten a bad wrap in our culture. Somehow when we say 'someone is talking to themselves' we think they are crazy or schizophrenic. In order to learn to live a healthier, more balanced, and indeed happier life, you need to develop an understanding of what your inner dialogue sounds like and how to alter its words.

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Emotional Skills: Understanding and Improvement

So you want to understand yourself and others better? Have you ever overreacted or gotten upset at seeing someone else overreact? Do you want to feel more at ease, to have more loving relationships, to be more effective with your kids, or to tackle your school work in a more motivated way?

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We Don't Like Them But Nightmares Help You!

We all can learn something from nightmares, we can learn to see them in a positive way as helpers in the dark. These nighttime happenings teach us the invaluable lesson that we can contend with life and this inner strength is the basis of the positive psychology movement. Nightmares may be nature's way of making sure we learn valuable survival skills but in the safety net of our own beds.

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Positive Psychology: The True Art of Listening

One of the main barriers to active listening is that we often are talking too much on the inside. We are so busy thinking about how we will respond, how we can defend ourselves, make sure we get in the last word, and so forth that we cannot actually hear what the other has to say. Once you appreciate this inner talk is ongoing, all the time, never turned off, you can start to hear it.

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Positive Psychology: Keeping Emotions Under Control

Day in and day out we experience changes in our moods and emotional states. Some days we are joyful, other days we are angry, some days we are blue, while others we are energized. These changes make for the wonderful differences among each of us. Some of us struggle with becoming overly emotional, we simply have a tendency to overreact emotionally to situations, to other people, to our own thoughts and, in fact, feeling states themselves.

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Positive Psychology: Helping the Hurt Go Away

Hey Moms! Have you ever struggled with getting your child to calm down after skinning an elbow? Ever had your child cry for 20 minutes after getting a shot at the doctor? Do you want a concrete way to help your child through this temporary pain? While I am not a betting person, as I do not much like casinos, I am willing to bet all moms have experienced this at least once. Even you dads too!

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Positive Psychology: Help Kids Grow Up Happy

Us moms and dads want the best for our children, we want to see them happy and content, we want them to have a better life than we feel we have had. And every night we go to bed wondering what else we can do to give these things to our children. First and foremost we need to remember that giving "things" to our children is not what will help them grow into happy, healthy individuals.

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