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8 Essential Milestones to Happiness

Here's something that you may have been thinking about but perhaps have not yet found a way to translate into your everyday life. Happiness as a goal can be attained by understanding these eight milestones:

  • Practice 'Happy Habits:' We can at times, when all other problems are 'solved,' simply act happy.
  • Understand the Limits of Money: Know more money does not make for enduring happiness or even better moods.
  • Value Time: Having autonomy and independence with our time, however, does.
  • Do What You Enjoy Doing: Meaningful work is important, being engaged daily in work and fun activities do promote lasting happiness.
  • Stay Fit: So too does regular exercise!
  • Get Rest: And a good night's sleep!
  • Think Positive: When we focus on others, when we count our blessings and feel grateful for all that we do have, we pay attention to our inner life that promotes lasting happiness and positive mood.
  • Nurture Others: Finally, our relationships, the closest ones to us must be given priority and nurturance. We promote happiness in ourselves and in our close loved ones when we tend to those relationships, when we forgive, support, and are tolerant of each other. When every day we simply adore each other we promote our own and their happiness.

Achieve happiness one milestone at a time

You can eliminate the worry and the strain, the stress and the pressure to keep up. That's right; no more depression, no more anxiety! You very likely have frequently heard about the 'milestones' listed above but perhaps have not found a way to incorporate them every day. Or, perhaps you just need this inspired reminder to stay true to these milestones while you live and work among others who are stressed and strained, negative and cynical. Keep in mind, each one of these 'milestones' is important, none stands alone! Each serves as a piece to the puzzle of lasting satisfaction and fulfillment. Keep faith with these known truths and hopefully you will find the inspiration to keep you moving along a positive path.

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