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Why Be as Variable as the Weather?

The most amazing thing about the weather is that you have absolutely no control over it. You do however control how you respond to it. You have the choice at any given moment to deal with the weather, no matter what it is, in a negative or more positive way. You have the choice to go outside and be a part of life no matter the weather outside. Or, you can choose to remain indoors begrudging the season and the locale in which you live.

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The Doings of Sleep

Your inner mental life, your emotional outer life and your overall well-being are impacted by your sleep quality. Certainly you may generally be aware of this, but actually many of us are not mindful of it on a daily basis. The same reality is true for your children, your spouse and all those others around you: Everything is easier when we are well slept and everything is harder when we are poorly slept.

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