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As a personality psychologist I focus on positive psychology. This blog is not for people who are having huge struggles or diagnosable mental health issues. Instead, my purpose is to mentor those who are doing ‘just okay’ and help them learn how to do ‘really great’ in their personal relationships and life in general.

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Barrista Baby!

Everything in life comes down to a skill. Learning to relate to each other is a skill. Listening is a skill. Remaining calm and controlling anger is a skill set. A good emotional skill set allows us to cope well with adversity instead of withering into tears. And appreciating this is itself a skill, and is the very epitome of positive thinking.

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Positive Psychology: Reframing Can Transform Your Life

"Talking to yourself" has gotten a bad wrap in our culture. Somehow when we say 'someone is talking to themselves' we think they are crazy or schizophrenic. In order to learn to live a healthier, more balanced, and indeed happier life, you need to develop an understanding of what your inner dialogue sounds like and how to alter its words.

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Childhood Security and Strong Adult Figures

I have taught college level psychology classes for more than a dozen years and have tried to stress the importance of how security in childhood depends on how strong the adult figures are in our lives. When we can do that, we are freed up to explore and to play, to learn and to grow. This analogy of an ocean buoys can apply to many areas of our emotional lives, you read it and decide how it relates for you.

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Personality Psychology: Never give up!

What you are struggling with defines you at any moment. Have you ever struggled to stay engaged in an activity that is really hard, that you cannot get the first time, that perhaps is too scary to even attempt? Have you ever had to make a big change in your life, say losing weight or quitting smoking? Most of us have at some point or another.

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Personality Psychology: Strengthening Your 'Inner Self'

Each of us has a desire to understand who we are as individuals and many of us hope to strengthen our inner selves as we age. In this analogy, three childhood objects can be used to represent our inner selves and outer beings: bubbles, bouncy balls and baseballs. Every area of our life whether that be school, work, exercise, family and friendships are impacted by who we are on the inside and how we represent ourselves on the outside.

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