Books Recommended by Dr. Heidi Lepper, Ph.D.

Dr. Lepper is a happiness trainer specializing in positive psychology. She can help you to handle stressful situations and relationships with greater skill and emotional consideration.She can help you to open yourself up to new ideas and ways of thinking, to make better choices in relationships and life, and to become more successful in all of your endeavors. She is not a licensed therapist, she does not engage in “counseling.”


Parenting with Love and Logic

Learned Optimism

Emotional Intelligence

Ten Lessons to Transform your Marriage


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It is Temporary

All emotions are temporary, bad days are followed by good days. Knowing that each bad moment is in fact a temporary moment can go a long way toward remaining engaged and positive despite how hard it may seem at that moment. The way in which we think about events and days propels them; once you learn how to truly shift your thinking on the matter, good moments will outnumber the bad.

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