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Dr. Lepper is a happiness trainer specializing in positive psychology. She can help you to handle stressful situations and relationships with greater skill and emotional consideration.She can help you to open yourself up to new ideas and ways of thinking, to make better choices in relationships and life, and to become more successful in all of your endeavors. She is not a licensed therapist, she does not engage in “counseling.”

Love Relationships:

Emotional Expression and Intelligence:

  • Dr. Paul Ekman — Cutting edge behavioral science for real world applications
  • — Great site for Emotional Quotient Inventory related stuff.

Optimism/Happiness/Positive Psychology:

Stress and Coping:


Finding a Life Coach:

Weight Loss:

  • The Beck Diet — Learn how to use Cognitive Therapy not only to lose weight but also to keep it off permanently


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Use Positive Keywords

Saying and thinking personally positive words or phrases takes the edge off and replaces negative thinking. This is the basis of all thought reframing. You simply have to find a more positive view. The issue at hand is this is wonderfully hard to do when we are in a heightened state of emotion. But with practice it becomes easier.

  • "I am having fun at this!"
  • "I can do this!"
  • "I am learning something new here!"
  • "This effort makes me stronger!"
  • "Just tow the line!"

This is "My Opportunity"

If you cannot fix it, think about it differently! Reframe thinking in terms of "opportunity," those conditions favorable for the attainment of success. No matter how difficult it seems, you can learn something, remembering that will take the edge off and help to slowly eliminate negative thinking.

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