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Dr. Lepper is a personality psychologist specializing in happiness training. She is not a licensed therapist. She can teach you how to handle stressful situations and relationships with greater skill and emotional consideration.

Contact Information:

Dr. Heidi S. Lepper, Ph.D.

My work is all about helping you become a stronger version of yourself. I can help you:

  • develop greater emotional awareness,
  • alter and regulate moods,
  • handle stressful situations,
  • manage relationships with greater skill.

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Think Fun

A sense of fun and enjoyment, laughter and merriment during hard moments goes a long way to taking the edge off feeling overwhelmed and any negative thinking. One small reason why the above ‘pencil trick’ works (we cannot help but laugh and feel silly when we try to alter a negative mood by feigning a smile). A sense of humor after all is in the top three things both men and women want in a partner, and it is not just cracking jokes that invokes a sense of humor. Just because it is hard does not mean it cannot be fun!

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