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As a personality psychologist I focus on positive psychology. This blog is not for people who are having huge struggles or diagnosable mental health issues. Instead, my purpose is to mentor those who are doing ‘just okay’ and help them learn how to do ‘really great’ in their personal relationships and life in general.

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Why Do I Get So Angry?

Have you ever slammed a door? Banged on a vending machine? Yelled at a loved one? Honked your horn? Yes! No? Ever seethed quietly? Nursed a grudge? Felt you could physically explode? We all get angry and some of us more often and more intensely than others. But you can live with less anger when you understand its purpose and what triggers it. Read on..."

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Positive Psychology: Helping the Hurt Go Away

Hey Moms! Have you ever struggled with getting your child to calm down after skinning an elbow? Ever had your child cry for 20 minutes after getting a shot at the doctor? Do you want a concrete way to help your child through this temporary pain? While I am not a betting person, as I do not much like casinos, I am willing to bet all moms have experienced this at least once. Even you dads too!

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Positive Psychology: Help Kids Grow Up Happy

Us moms and dads want the best for our children, we want to see them happy and content, we want them to have a better life than we feel we have had. And every night we go to bed wondering what else we can do to give these things to our children. First and foremost we need to remember that giving "things" to our children is not what will help them grow into happy, healthy individuals.

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