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As a personality psychologist I focus on positive psychology. This blog is not for people who are having huge struggles or diagnosable mental health issues. Instead, my purpose is to mentor those who are doing ‘just okay’ and help them learn how to do ‘really great’ in their personal relationships and life in general.

Recently in Slices of Serenity

Practice + Belief + Time = Growth

Many of us have a strong pull or desire to grow and to move forward in more positive ways, we have a strong pull or desire to eliminate the worry and concern and to move toward balance, we want to feel happier overall and less anxious in general, we want to feel more motivated and to stop the turmoil in our relationships. But how? I have a formula.

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Positive Psychology: The True Art of Listening

One of the main barriers to active listening is that we often are talking too much on the inside. We are so busy thinking about how we will respond, how we can defend ourselves, make sure we get in the last word, and so forth that we cannot actually hear what the other has to say. Once you appreciate this inner talk is ongoing, all the time, never turned off, you can start to hear it.

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My Definition of Hope and Faith

I am a firm believer in our own ability to heal. I liken much of personality psychology to the biological body. Our bodies know how to heal a wound for instance, our bodies know how to fix the damage wreaked by a virus or a bacterium and so forth. And that simply takes time and energy. Only you can make the time, but I am hoping to spark some insight with this piece.

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Seeking Change for a Happier and More Fulfilling Life

Okay, so I am going to push a bit. Really don't mind me, I am just play acting the role of a smart person. If you are not in need of any tweaks to your inner self or outer being, then move along, this is not for you. But for many among us, you say you want to change, that you want things in your life to change...that you want to feel better about yourself and your life.

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Sadness Serves a Purpose

An interesting paradox is that our most useful emotion is also our most painful and it is sadness. Like no other emotion, we can learn a great deal from feeling sad or blue, it arises because we are facing a difficulty, whether it be a loss (grief) or a failure of some kind. When viewed as temporary and as a positive byproduct of our long human history, we can overcome sadness in a quick and positive fashion.

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